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The project Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion (SEATIDE) was funded by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme.

Run by a consortium (2012-2016) of five European and four Southeast Asian institutions, coordinated by the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), SEATIDE benefitted from the resources and expertise of major Asian Studies institutions in SEA and Europe, as well as the unique EFEO network of 10 field centres located in SEA.

SEATIDE aimed to take a new look at the benefits and risks of integration in Southeast Asia. SEATIDE researchers used a field study approach to take national and transnational perspectives on:

National integration coping with regional diversity Read more

Mobility and its impact on people’s lives Read more

Knowledge networks and the movement of ideas Read more

The development of national and regional political frameworks Read more

SEATIDE’s results will be disseminated from Southeast Asia in the form of workshops, conferences and publications

More about... :
Grant Number: 320221
Project Type: Collaborative project
Project Start: 1st December 2012
Project End: 31th March 2016

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october 2016
march 2016
SEATIDE 4th Work Package Leaders’ Meeting, Chiang Mai
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december 2016
5th Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network - Dynamic Borderlands: Livelihoods, Communities and Flows
Social Science Baha,  Kathmandu, Nepal Borderlands in Asia are often seen...
september 2016