SEATIDE Final Conference: "The Integration of Southeast Asia: Frameworks and Practices", Yogyakarta
18 September 2015

The conference was organised by the SEATIDE consortium’s Indonesia partner, University Gadjah Mada (UGM), represented by Muhadi Sugiono. It was held on 18-19 September 2015 at the Melia Purosani Hotel, Yogyakarta. SEATIDE’s steering committee met on the day before the conference (17 September); a visit to the Borobodur temple complex near Yogyakarta took place on 20 September. 

After an opening session with comments by a representative of the conference hosts, Dr Paripurna Sugarda, vice-rector of UGM, and by the SEATIDE coordinator and EFEO Director, Professor Yves Goudineau, the conference was divided into two main paper sessions. The first reflected the central theme of the project’s research and was entitled Southeast Asia: Integration Frameworks, Integration Practices, consisting of 4 panels, each with two presentations. This session (panels 1-4 on 18 September) showcased the project’s results on grassroots integration and contextualised them with an examination of integration framework building.

The second paper session focused rather on SEATIDE’s methodological specificity – the accumulation of case studies from different geographical contexts – and was entitled Integration in Southeast Asia: Notes from the Field, consisting of 2 panels, each with two presentations. This session (panels 5-6 on 19 September) presented results of research into both grassroots and framework integration, with a strong historical perspective.  

The closing session consisted of a round table on Southeast Asian Studies in Asia and Europe: Academic Networks and Institutional Cooperation (for the list of participants at the round table, see the conference programme) and a panel entitled Media and Research, consisting of the screening of two SEATIDE films (Rohingya refugees: Michaels and Mountains of Fortune: Gold and Stone Mining in Aceh), followed by a short discussion.