Nguyen, Xuan Trung
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)
Individual Project :

ASEAN Integration under the Emerging External Pressure: The case of China in Maritime Sovereignty Dispute (MSD)

The study of Xuan Trung Ngyuen aims at analyzing (i) the challenges of ASEAN integration in progress in the context of  internal disputes and conflicts as well as emerging external pressure particularly from China; (ii) challenges of ASEAN nations for managing disputes and conflicts related to MSD under the impacts of China; (iii) the role of the Association in dealing with its MSD between four ASEAN nations (China, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei) and China; and (iv) further the ASEAN Way towards building a Conflict Resolution Mechanism.

Given such objectives, the analytical framework is based on the historical comparison method and the conflict analysis framework for investigating ASEAN integration in the context of emerging external pressure, where China is emerging as the central challenge of external pressure.