Maier-Knapp, Naila
Centre for History and Economics, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Individual Project :

Naila Maier Knapp's research project at the Centre for History and Economics at the University of Cambridge maps the emergence and evolution of institutions at the domestic and regional level aimed at dealing with newly emerging security challenges of the 21st Century. This research correlates these challenges with history-making moments of institutional innovation and intergovernmental cooperation.

On the one hand, it suggests that national and regional institutions in Southeast Asia show greater people-orientation and participatory elements. On the other, in spite of the changed understanding of national and regional security, this research highlights that the future trajectory of Southeast Asian regional integration in the short-to-medium-term will follow a similar pattern to the past decade.

Through the conduct of qualitative interviews on site, as well as the study of global datasets, Southeast Asian news media and academic literature, this research aims to generate new knowledge on regional integration in Southeast Asia and contribute to capacity-building in the region. It seeks to complement and enhance existing scholarly knowledge by providing a credible and nuanced assessment of the future development of ASEAN regionalism.